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I am David Brett-Williams. If you are new to the world of virtual mentors and personal development, this page is for you!

It contains all the information that you will need to get up to speed quickly and start the journey to your best you.

Chances are you are like most of my readers, you have tasted success and want more of it. You are committed to succeeding in life and at work. You strive to improve, grow, and reach your potential.

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Do you know that feeling, that you are in over your head? I know what it feels like. I have been there. When your success surpasses your ability to manage it. When you lose sight of the things that matter most, like family, health, and community.

For far too long, I struggled to get off the treadmill, even as the treadmill was speeding up. Too frequently did success come at the expense of my most valuable relationships or my health.

There is a quote credited to Isaac Newton. “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

See further by developing yourself with a virtual mentor program.

This is your opportunity to rewrite your story, to make you the hero of your own story.

With the virtual mentor program, you can learn from the best minds and avoid learning by trial and error. After all, life is too short to make every mistake yourself.

If you want to improve and grow and feel you are not ready for a full program just yet then start with the material available for FREE on the website.

Articles to start your journey

The content is divided into seven categories that have been shown to be the primary drivers in living a full and successful life. I will expand on each category, but if you want to dive in why not start with some of my most popular posts:

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What Makes An OUTSTANDING Life?

My suggestion is to start with the first section, developing resilience. After all, who couldn’t afford to be more resilient?

Then, when you see yourself living the lessons from this section you can progress to the next category. It is important not to progress, and to repeat the learnings until you see yourself making those shifts and changes that show you got this.

It needs to move from knowledge into action before you progress to the next category if you want to truly make this work.

Developing Resilience

The first category is developing resilience. This section focuses on developing the ability to bounce back so that you regain whatever it is you have lost.

Here is a great tool to boost your resilience

Your guide to boosting your resilience
Your guide to boosting your resilience

To live an outstanding life we must develop resilience. Life presents many challenges. Some challenges will make us stumble, others will bring us to our knees. The key is to develop the ability to get back up and to start moving forward. We also need to recognise the challenges so we can avoid them in the future.

The goal is to develop our ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. We want to be able to acknowledge the situation, learn from our mistakes, and then move forward.and specifically developing the ability to bounce back

Getting To Know Yourself Better

Imagine that you are lost in a strange town. You have a map and know the address that you need to get to but that is useless unless you know where you are right now.

It is the same with personal development. Only from a position of knowing oneself can we begin a meaningful journey of self-development.

To live an outstanding life we must recognise our own weaknesses and acknowledge we are not perfect.

A great tool to find more inspiration by boosting your strengths.

Free Analysis Your Blueprint to Amplifying Your Strenghts

This famous quote is attributed to Socrates, “To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom.” But why is it important to get to know yourself better?

When you can express who you are you have far greater chances of achieving happiness. Expressing your desires increases the chances that you get what you want.

You need to know yourself to be able to make better choices about. And that applies to choices about everything, from the small decisions like which trainers you will buy to big decisions like who you will marry and spend your life with. Knowing yourself provides guidelines you can apply to solve life’s numerous problems.

When you know yourself you can be who you truly are. This helps you experience greater vitality and feel more alive and makes your experience of life richer, larger, and more exciting and pleasurable.

And when you don’t know yourself? You guessed it. All of those things are reduced or absent. Good reasons to get to know yourself better.

Perfecting An Outstanding Mindset

Human beings have battled with how to become more resilient and improve their mindset for ages. A recent theory, developed by Carol Dweck, has gained popularity.

Dweck proposes the idea of a growth mindset. If you believe ability is flexible and can be improved, a growth mindset, then you will seek out feedback on how to get better, persist for longer and cope with setbacks better.

On the other hand, if you fail to develop the right mindset and think that ability is set in stone and probably determined then you will struggle. And those struggles can be avoided if we aim to perfect an outstanding mindset.

To live an outstanding life we must recognise our own weaknesses and acknowledge we are not perfect. From this point of self-assessment we can begin a meaningful journey of self-development and developing an outstanding mindset is of paramount importance.

The goal is to understand what has shifted in our own behaviour previously and use what has worked for us previously to manifest further change, nothing more elaborate.

Developing Outstanding Relationships

Who doesn’t want to have strong relationships and love in their life?

Life’s most memorable events and experiences (the best and the worst), tend to involve other people. And we can often underestimate the importance of our closest relationships.

As human beings, we are hardwired to interact with one another. More so during times of stress. If we face a trying ordeal alone, that lack of friendship and emotional support hinders our coping ability and increases our anxiety.

The goal is to create confidence in our ability to interact with people and develop lifelong relationships. Because meaningful connection to other people is as essential to our health as the air we breathe.

Being Outstanding At Work And Play

This section focuses on how you occupy your time or simply like what you to do every day. To be happy, we all need something to do and look forward to each day. This is why work is important to our well-being, and depression can set-in when out of work.

And the good news is that anyone can mould themselves into a high performer. And it all starts by changing their attitude and outlook towards what they do. Small changes from how you handle mistakes to how you evaluate your colleagues can elevate your performance.

The key to becoming outstanding is finding a way to get results, no matter the method. This requires keeping an open mind when it comes to trying something different or new.

When there are better processes, methods, and procedures, the outstanding performer will use them or create them if they are not readily available and will endeavour to convince others why the change is necessary. They seek out change because they know that finding better ways to do something is the only way to become more effective.

Revitalise And Get Stronger

This section focuses on having good health and enough energy to get your stuff done on a daily basis.

Every bite and drink we take has a net positive or net adverse impact on our health. There are hundreds of moments each week where we make these seemingly insignificant decisions.

The goal is to eat, rest, and be active with having an outstanding day in mind, nothing more elaborate.

People with thriving physical wellbeing exercise regularly and are in a better mood all day. They make net positive food choices and have higher energy and sharper thinking each day.


This section focuses on helping you develop the habits and traits that characterise superagers. These are people who have the mental and physical capability of people decades younger than themselves.

What will you be like in your 80s? We would probably all hope to be living independently, robust in both body and mind, and with a wide social circle. And that is a worthy aspiration, but the reality is rather different for most people. Although we are living longer, more of those extra years are being spent in ill health, often with multiple chronic medical conditions.

To live an outstanding life we must grow to be a superager. We must remain active, healthy and vital for as many years as possible.

It is said that youth is wasted on the young. More of a reference to the time when we finally start getting things figured out in life that our declining health forbids us from making full use of that knowledge.

Does it have to be that way? Not at all. You can join the ranks of the superagers.