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Commitment | Your First Step

What should be your first step to success?

The greatest strength comes from the energy of commitment and brings in excellence in all walks of life.

Few people traverse the road of success without failure, but it is commitment to excellence that takes them through!

Commitment offers on a personal level security and decreases the amount of effort required to predict the future.

On a societal level this is needed because humans are limited beings and we need stability in order to function.

If you really wish to be committed for doing anything, please follow these steps

  • Commit only what you know you can deliver
  • Make as few commitments as possible
  • Make commitments only after due diligence. Thereafter, add some more time for uncertainties and risks.
  • Once you make a commitment, give your heart and soul for it to complete it before the time frame.
  • Don’t overburden yourself with too many commitments.
  • Focus on quality rather than quantity

Once you develop the habit of making realistic promises and fulfilling your commitment, you will always find yourself committed to whatever you do.


 your first step

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How to avoid mistakes in life?

You don’t, but you can learn from a mistake to avoid it happening again, or deal with it more effectively if it does happen again.

The thing is, you probably are not even aware of most of the mistakes you are making.

So even more important is to be aware of your habits, so you can see where you are making mistakes that you didn’t even realize you were making.

Recognising and tackling situations is how we learn.

When we handle those situations in a way that leads to a negative outcome, we call them mistakes.

When they don’t we call them successes.

Even if what we did was the same thing, but external forces swayed things one way or the other.

So learning to look wider than the immediate situation and adapt to circumstances can be a real way to avoid the negative outcomes we call mistakes.


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Why should you keep going?

Because I can guarantee you, you will get over this; whatever ‘this’ is.

You will look back and feel so strong and you will know that you’ll have more bad times but that it’s ok because you will get through it.

Part of life is going through the bad to enjoy the good.

Sure, good isn’t great and isn’t consistent but it’s GOOD. Whether that be eating a doughnut or having a huge birthday party.

Enjoy YOUR life and own it.

Take control and do the things that make you happy- you only live once and you should live for the good moments, knowing that the universe put them in place just for you.

You only get one chance, ONE CHANCE

Live the hell out of your life while you can. Live it so hard, that when you die, you don’t regret not doing anything.

keep going

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What are the fundamentals of life?

I have no single fundamental of my life but fundamentals. These are the main pillars of my daily life cycle in this universe.

  1. Focus on the work what I am doing right now and try to execute it’s fullest without expecting anything. Just do the work. That’s it. The meaning of live in present is this.
  2. Punctuality and Discipline.
  3. Love and feel blessed for what Nature gives me-a healthy body, a supportive family, square meal for everyday and a roof on my head.
  4. Give respect to elders.
  5. Have faith and believe in myself and the supreme power of the universe.
  6. Eat fresh food and drink purified water.

These are the fundamentals alias basics of my life.

Hope it helps,



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Personal Fulfilment

Be present in the moment and take a minute to enjoy it.

You are exactly where you want to be.

Personal fulfillment is the here and the now of what matters to you.

Use your senses, feel, see, hear, touch and taste it.

Make it what you want to be!

Focus on the now and enjoy what’s in front of you.

Fulfilment- try these steps:

  1. Gratitude – Love all the good blessings you have in this life. No matter how big or small. Be Grateful!
  2. Be patient and easy with yourself – Not one single soul is perfect. Today you may make mistakes or have great triumphs. Its a grab-bag! So just be easy.
  3. Laugh ALOT! – Find things to giggle at. And especially laugh at your self. 😀
  4. Be your own Best Friend– You live with You for the entire span of your existence; be your buddy!
  5. Try new things often– For all we know, we will only pass this way Once. Dont waste time or pass up an opportunity to do something different and new.


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Risk factors of dementia

Some people seem more naturally creative than others.

We usually associate creativity with writers, artists, musicians, and dancers, things associated with the arts.

But creativity is a valuable skill that anyone can use, whether you’re being asked to look for an out-of-the-box solution at work, or just to come up with something fun and interesting to do with your friends this weekend.

While we all know that being more creative will help you to get ahead at work and will lead to a certain level of happiness in your personal life.

But a lot of people might not know that being creative has health benefits as well.


9 Ways To Boost Creativity

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