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Responsibility | MiM

Responsibility is important if one wishes to follow the rules without outside authority.

However, this is not required, or something to be admired.

It is simply a choice of way of life.

If you believe that habits create achievement than it is important for one to be disciplined.

Discipline is defined as: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

Through years of natural instinct, humans are naturally responsible for their own actions.

Additional discipline is only needed if one is trying to be someone beyond their natural state.

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Time | MIM

Depending on what you are apologising for, sometimes you need to give some time between the apology and a request for forgiveness.

An apology is a genuine effort at contrition.

Don’t offer excuses or push it back at them.

You’re attempting to show them that you deserve their forgiveness.

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Mentoring in a Minute #4 Time

Rejection is an almost unavoidable aspect of being human.

No one has ever succeeded in love or in life without first facing rejection.

When it comes to rejection the thing that I choose to focus on is my perception of it.

Mentally, I try and transform that negative experience into a positive.

Rejection has nothing to do with who you are.

Realize that rejection happens to the best of us and look at the positives of rejection.

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Episode #2 Optimism

Today, I am covering how to live each day with optimism. In this podcast, I will present the benefits of optimism and three steps you can take to think more optimistically on a daily basis.

There is a growing body of evidence that being optimistic about life has measurable benefits, not just for your mental health, but your physical well-being too.

Scientific studies have shown that as you become more optimistic, your life will improve in all sorts of ways. You’re even likely to have a longer life, just from being more hopeful and positive.

The demon of pessimism is getting defeated. Face up to the many compelling reasons why you should turn pessimism into optimism.

But, are you up to the challenge?

If you are, then you have three ways to shift your mindset to positivity, and it will take dedication and discipline. They were:

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Mentoring in a Minute #1 Perspective

Perspective is the tool from which we can see life, situations, problems, people, from many different views. Perspective helps create understanding which can create a union where there was none.

Understanding can break an impasse in situations as large as world war, as small as I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.

Perspective is also earned through life experience…I thought I was in love but now I see I was in like.

Perspective is walking in another’s shoes and absorbing how they feel and knowing how you feel after you go back to your own footwear.

That perspective should be life changing.

The more positivism you practice, the easier it gets and the better you will feel.

What helps you get through those hard times?


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Episode #1

There can’t be any doubt that the brain influences the body. Our thought processes, in particular, our mindset, affects how our body works and the processes that happen within it.

When facing any health-related crisis, it has been demonstrated many times that cultivating positive emotions boosts the immune system and counters depression.

There is a significant link between a positive outlook and health benefits. Things like healthier blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, less heart disease, and better weight control.

Even when faced with an incurable illness, positive feelings and thoughts can improve one’s quality of life.

The more positivism you practice, the easier it gets and the better you will feel.

What helps you get through those hard times?


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