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If you think about your significance, to be significant means that you should do something that influences the lifes of many *  (eg. Mahatma Ghandi).

If you want to be significant to those close to you , you should prove yourself to them by material means or by influencing their life (you school theacher , your mother).

But if you want to be significant to yourself , you sould think about what are you goals and reach them .

You should reach what you dream to be.

Only then you will think about yourself as a significant person.

There are many who reach only one ore two of those level.

Signifiance is very relative.

How to be a significant person?

  1. Have a purpose
  2. Have partners who believe in you and the purpose
  3. DO your best
  4. Don’t try to please anyone
  5. DO what you love
  6. Become adept socially
  7. Have empathy for others
  8. Respect your fellow citizens
  9. Help those that you can
  10. Always keep a smile on your face


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True Friends

Making friends when you’re young can be as simple as sharing a toy or deciding that we’re suddenly “best friends.

But the older we get, the significantly less straightforward it becomes — at least it can feel that way

It’s probably been a while since many of us had to put ourselves out there.

We might feel out of practice and, at the very least, a little confused about what we should actually say to someone we’d like to get to know better.

True friends really exist but they are very hard to find.

In your lifespan you’ll encounter many types of friends, one who will try to appear as if he’s helping you but in reality not, some will only be there to get a feeling of happiness whenever you’ll fail at something, some will always try to demotivate you and some will be the true fake friend who keeps on praising you but in reality wish for you failure.


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Personal Fulfilment

Be present in the moment and take a minute to enjoy it.

You are exactly where you want to be.

Personal fulfillment is the here and the now of what matters to you.

Use your senses, feel, see, hear, touch and taste it.

Make it what you want to be!

Focus on the now and enjoy what’s in front of you.

Fulfilment- try these steps:

  1. Gratitude – Love all the good blessings you have in this life. No matter how big or small. Be Grateful!
  2. Be patient and easy with yourself – Not one single soul is perfect. Today you may make mistakes or have great triumphs. Its a grab-bag! So just be easy.
  3. Laugh ALOT! – Find things to giggle at. And especially laugh at your self. 😀
  4. Be your own Best Friend– You live with You for the entire span of your existence; be your buddy!
  5. Try new things often– For all we know, we will only pass this way Once. Dont waste time or pass up an opportunity to do something different and new.


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Live Life with Enthusiasm

Without enthusiasm, life would be dull and drab and an ordeal to  live through.

Without enthusiasm, life would be dull and drab and an ordeal to live through.

Be thankful to God, or whatever you choose to believe in, for Being Alive.

In every action you undertake, attempt to make it useful to someone besides yourself.

Bring passion or a sense of heightened positivity in whatever you do, knowing that your actions will be beneficial for people around you.

Every day, do at least one positive act that is new or different from your daily routine.

Enthusiasm is key

Enthusiasm will lead you to fulfil the purpose that you, as a human, were born for!

Before you hit your bed, spend 5 minutes running through how you spent your day, making a note of all important events of the day.

Spend another 5 minutes focusing on what you would like to achieve the next day, imagine things happening the way you want, believe in it.

Next morning, when you wake up, believe and expect the day opening up for you with opportunities galore!


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Risk factors of dementia

Some people seem more naturally creative than others.

We usually associate creativity with writers, artists, musicians, and dancers, things associated with the arts.

But creativity is a valuable skill that anyone can use, whether you’re being asked to look for an out-of-the-box solution at work, or just to come up with something fun and interesting to do with your friends this weekend.

While we all know that being more creative will help you to get ahead at work and will lead to a certain level of happiness in your personal life.

But a lot of people might not know that being creative has health benefits as well.


9 Ways To Boost Creativity

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Find Your Motivation

Burn your inside with motivation.

You have a dream, a notion, now all you have to do is kindle it: do activities that “make your brain” remember what you are fighting for.

What is your dream that each day when you wake up your eyes glitter with the notion of your dream?

What is it that makes you breath, that makes you eat and sleep, and LIVE!

What is it that makes you run, and when your legs are dead, crawl to the finish line?

What is that goal that you are holding in your heart which is so important to you that you will NEVER give up?!

“Every morning you have two choices:

Continue to sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them”

Hard work beats talent!

Don’t stop when you are tired.

Stop when you are done!

Never stop doing your best just because someone doesn’t give you credit.

The best revenge is: To Improve Yourself.

Perseverance is the key to Success!


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