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What is kindness?

Kindness is not just being nice or staying calm in an argument.

Kindness is listening with the intent to understand someone else’ point of view without your thoughts, ideas and feelings getting in the way.

Kindness is asking questions when you do not understand, believe or agree with the other person.

It is to validate the truth claims of the other person by acknowledging it if you agree.

Have you experienced kindness before? Or been kind to someone? How does it feel?

Isn’t it an ethereal experience? It is wonderful, how it passes on from one to the next, with a ripple effect on the world.

Small acts of affection, care, warmth, generosity and concern can shower you with inexplicable happiness and satisfaction.


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How to find your Passion?

It is not easy to discover your passion. I know it because it took me forty years to discover mine.

Today I know that I have a passion for writing. 

Your passion must match your talent. If you don’t have talent for writing or singing, you can’t become a great writer or singer.

The appreciation of your work by the world pays a very important role for the nourishment of your soul.

If you do something and it has no value for others, you can’t be passionate about it for long.

Your work should satisfy the soul of the world and then their soul shall nourish your own.


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What are Opinions?

Opinions are what separates normal people from arrogant/dangerous people: The latter proclaims their opinions as facts, whilst normal people presents their opinions as *drumroll*: Opinions.

Nothing in general is a good idea to portray as something it’s not, although the impact of misconceptions for most things have little consequence, opinions portrayed as facts however have started wars, killed millions, suppressed whole nations.

 It’s not the opinions that are the problem, it’s the misleading presentation of those opinions as “facts” that does damage.


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What is Leadership?

Leadership is inspiring others to be their best selves.

Leadership is capturing other people with energy, words and voice, and rallying them around a central ideology, vision or mission.

Most important, leadership is listening to others and hearing what they’re saying, then asking questions that challenge them to think differently, see new perspectives and gain new insights.

We have but one life, and in the grand scheme of things we are mostly insignificant.

It’s up to us to live a life of purpose, meaning and fulfilment, and find ways to connect with other people who are on similar — yet entirely different — journeys.


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True Friends

Making friends when you’re young can be as simple as sharing a toy or deciding that we’re suddenly “best friends.

But the older we get, the significantly less straightforward it becomes — at least it can feel that way

It’s probably been a while since many of us had to put ourselves out there.

We might feel out of practice and, at the very least, a little confused about what we should actually say to someone we’d like to get to know better.

True friends really exist but they are very hard to find.

In your lifespan you’ll encounter many types of friends, one who will try to appear as if he’s helping you but in reality not, some will only be there to get a feeling of happiness whenever you’ll fail at something, some will always try to demotivate you and some will be the true fake friend who keeps on praising you but in reality wish for you failure.


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Live Life with Enthusiasm

Without enthusiasm, life would be dull and drab and an ordeal to  live through.

Without enthusiasm, life would be dull and drab and an ordeal to live through.

Be thankful to God, or whatever you choose to believe in, for Being Alive.

In every action you undertake, attempt to make it useful to someone besides yourself.

Bring passion or a sense of heightened positivity in whatever you do, knowing that your actions will be beneficial for people around you.

Every day, do at least one positive act that is new or different from your daily routine.

Enthusiasm is key

Enthusiasm will lead you to fulfil the purpose that you, as a human, were born for!

Before you hit your bed, spend 5 minutes running through how you spent your day, making a note of all important events of the day.

Spend another 5 minutes focusing on what you would like to achieve the next day, imagine things happening the way you want, believe in it.

Next morning, when you wake up, believe and expect the day opening up for you with opportunities galore!


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