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I.General Enquiries

If you have a short message or you’re just looking to say hello, you can do that by connecting with me on Facebook or Twitter.

This is the perfect way if you’re looking to introduce yourself, saying Thank You, want to ask for my opinion on something that you found interesting on my blog, or just pointing out an error in my work or a typo in one of my articles (which I do appreciate)


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To contact David Brett Williams or his staff directly, please use the form below.

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There are limited opportunities available if you are looking for a coach or a mentor, due to time constraints. Contact me and let’s see what we can make work.

III. Anything else

If you would like to do a guest post, please send a minimum of two of your own-written articles. Make sure to include a link to your website and previous work. Furthermore the articles must be original (no plagiarism) and must not previously published elsewhere.