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Make Creativity Your Superpower

This post includes nine kick-ass tips to make creativity your superpower and three actionable steps you can take right away to maximise your creativity. Creativity isn't just for artists. No matter where you are in life, or what you do, creativity comes in handy. Creatively thinking of solutions to your problems is something we need to do every day. Take a moment to think about it. Is there anything in your life right now that could use a creative solution? I am willing to bet there is. The good news is, all of us can become more creative in our lives by using the following tips:  

1. Stop, collaborate ...and listen? 

One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to reach out to a colleague or friend. Working with someone else adds an entirely new perspective to the task at hand.  They may have an idea you hadn't thought of, and that idea may spur on your great idea. Collaborating with someone you respect is a great way to find a creative solution to a problem  

2. Just do nothing

Stop slamming your head into the wall, trying to be creative. If you find yourself struggling to think outside of the box, then move on to something else.  Chances are it won't be long until you are hit with a creative spark. Often, when we actively stop thinking about something, our mind disengages enough to think creatively.  creativity

3. Take a stroll

This is related to the 'Just Do Nothing' point. If you want to disengage your mind, go for a walk. Taking a leisurely walk in nature is akin to entering a meditative state.  Many famous 'creatives' used mid-day walks to break up the doldrums of the day, and at the same time, inspire some creativity.   

4. Change your surroundings

If you consistently struggle with creativity, then maybe there is something in your environment holding you back. Try to mix things up in the office, or at home, by rearranging the furniture or reorganising your desk.  If distractions surround you, do your best to limit those as well.   

5. Track your ideas

Make some effort to track your ideas. You never know where inspiration might strike, so be prepared to jot something down when you have your next great idea.  You can go old school and carry around an actual notebook if you want. Even more convenient, use a note-taking app on your phone.  This way, you can also dictate your ideas on the go.   

6. Work on your confidence

Do you know what kills creativity the most? Telling yourself that you aren't creative.  If you don't have a stable level of self-esteem, then it will be nearly impossible for you to be creative. You will shut down all of your ideas before you even try them.  If you have a severe lack of self-belief, then this must be tackled before you can become more creative.   

7. Make some time (schedule it in)

You have to work creativity like it's a muscle. You can't just hope to drum up creativity out of nowhere if you never put in the work.  Make sure you do something creative as often as possible. You should schedule a creative time to ensure you do it creative

8. Forget perfection

Perfectionism is your inner voice telling you nothing you do is good enough. This type of thinking will drain all the creativity you can muster.  Perfectionism will ensure you take fewer creative risks, and it will turn your "great ideas" into "not good enough". You will be so worried about getting everything just right that it will sap your spontaneity, fun and creative energy.   

9. Try new things 

When you are trying (or learning) new things, you consistently spark your creativity. Trying new pursuits will challenge your mind in new and unique ways.  These new challenges will force you to think and act creatively Commit to trying something new each and every week. You will be surprised how much more creative you feel.  

Action Step 1: Create a creativity journal. 

You can buy a notebook if you want, or use an app like Evernote on your phone. Whenever inspiration strikes and you have a creative idea, be prepared to jot it down.  

Action Step 2: Schedule some creativity into your week. 

Take a look at the next few weeks and find something creative to do in each of them. Schedule these into your calendar, so you don't forget.   

Action Step 3: Just one new hobby or pursuit and get involved

You don't have to jump in the deep end at first, go to Amazon or your local library and get a book about a topic you are interested in. When you combine these nine kick-ass tips and three action steps you will maximise your creativity and make creativity, your new superpower. creativity superpower  

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A Strategy To Stop Overthinking

Build the Courage to Achieve Anything


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A Strategy To Stop Overthinking

Overthinking every decision you make is a detrimental habit to fall into. And we can all be guilty of it. Uncertainty drives us to overthink our decisions. Gathering more information and considering every potential outcome might delude you into thinking you're advancing towards a goal when you really are just wasting your time. Our subconscious drives 95% of our decisions. This, according to the Harvard Business School professor Gerald Zaltman, who studied consumer buying patterns.

Time to stop overthinking

How you feel about the decision dictates your progress. If you feel uncertain about choosing, then you will just keep thinking about. The problem is that nothing starts until you do. Nothing starts until you make a decision. If you want to stop overthinking, then you need to take control. Despite what you might tell yourself, you are always ready to start. So you start and make a wrong decision? You can adjust. You don't need to have all the answers just get started and then figure it out as you go along. Consider one of my business idols, Richard Branson. He was not a pilot and had never flown a plane, and he really didn't know anything about the engineering aspect or how to keep aircraft in the air, but he started an airline regardless.

How? You might ask

It's simple, he started his business and figured it out along the way. And here we are, over £2 billion in revenue and over 20 years later and Virgin are leading the world in commercial spaceflight. As a side note, Branson sold Virgin America for $2.6 billion. If you overthink decisions, try this strategy. It takes two minutes maximum and will help you break your analysis paralysis. Ask yourself, "What would my idol do?" Early in my business career, as I was trying to make my mark, I was always uncertain. Through my experience in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), I devised this simple strategy to help me move past my feelings of self-doubt. I picked an idol, someone I admired, and thought about what they would do in my situation. Initially, I would choose between Jack Welch of General Electric, Ray Kroc of McDonald's, and Sam Walton of Walmart. When faced with a choice and I could feel the self-doubt begin to creep in, I asked, "What would Jack Welch do?" as a way to help me make decisions based on what I wanted to accomplish and not how I felt. Today, I have different idols. They are Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet. Consider why Oprah might be a great idol to ask. I want to build a business and media platform similar to hers, write magazine articles and build a mentoring company. So now I ask myself, "What would Oprah do?"

Cognitive Restructuring

Asking yourself what would my idol do is a form of cognitive restructuring. By using this question as a pattern interrupt, you stop your thoughts and interrupt your emotions, and this lets you focus your mind. All sounds easy, right? There is a hard part. You need to do it. What would my idol do? No uncertainty, No reconsidering, No thinking. Just push yourself. Take it on trust that you can figure it out from there. Have you got your idol or idols in mind yet? Another tip that I was told is when in doubt, flip a coin. No, we are not leaving decisions to chance. When you ask, what would my idol do? It relies on logic. Flipping a coin taps into your emotions and your deeper desires. If you have to decide between two choices, label one Choice A (heads) and Choice B (tails). As the coin is in the air be mindful of your thoughts. You will secretly want one side of the coin over the other. And when you tune into which side you are secretly hoping for that will tell you what you truly want. Which strategy will you use to stop overthinking?  

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Build the courage to achieve anything

There is a secret weapon that will help you live an outstanding life every single day, and that is courage. Because you are reading this, you are someone who demands more from themselves. You are always looking for ways to increase your happiness, health and productivity. And there are a ton of time management skills and life hacks that can help you. In this post, I am going to show you how to become the most courageous version of yourself. If we look at something we are all familiar with, it will help you understand how you can build courage. How about those feelings in your body when you get back into the gym after a prolonged break? No one doubts that getting back into shape is hard, we all know how hard it is. It seems like it takes years to get in shape and only days to lose it. The simple act of putting on your workout gear seems a significant accomplishment. As you put your gear on and head out the door, your mind yells at you to stop and go back. The Skill Of Courage  

Your body cries

When you finally get to the gym, your body cries at your first steps on the treadmill, at the first revolution of the bike pedals or the first repetition with a weight. Within minutes you're exhausted. You are sweating, gasping for air and your face is turning red. I understand, trust me. Attempting to get in shape is such a massive challenge because every single exercise is so bloody hard when you are first starting. Do you know what I find the hardest? Knowing that I used to be able to lift that weight with ease, run on that treadmill for miles and hold that plank for more than 10 seconds without my core begging me to stop. Each one of us can recall a time when these exercises didn't feel as painful. A time when we were in better shape because we were consistent with our exercise habit. The Skill Of Courage image 1  

The good news

The good news I want you to focus on is that whatever your level of fitness, you can get stronger through regular workouts. The skill of courage is just like your physical muscles. It will only improve through practice, through exercising it. It is not a trait that some people are born with and if you not, then you will never have it. I think of courage as the ability to take action in the face of fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, and overthinking. Courage is is an ability just like lifting a heavy dumbbell to exercise your bicep is an ability. You increase your strength by pushing yourself, and you grow your courage through consistent acts of courage. At first, it is hard to take that step and perform a courageous action. It is just like that first day back at the gym.  

Flex your courage muscle

As you push yourself to exercise your courage muscle, a peculiar thing happens. Every time you flex your courage muscle, then taking courageous action becomes that much easier. Each and every time you push yourself to step outside your comfort zone, to speak up for your needs, to take on the challenge in front of you, then you complete a courage work out. Consistent courage workouts lead to a strong courage muscle, and that is when being courageous becomes a habit. In those moments, when you face up to fear, hesitation, and self-doubt, you can push past those feelings with these. When your courage muscle is strong, you control your emotions rather than your feelings controlling you. When you hit the gym consistently for a few weeks, you get stronger and exercising becomes to feel automatic. Unsurprisingly, your courage muscle works in precisely the same way. The Skill Of Courage image 3  

Your muscles atrophy

When you stop exercising them, your muscles will waste away. Your physical and courage muscles will atrophy. There are health professionals upon and down the country, recommending daily exercise for your health. And I agree. I also recommend exercising your courage muscle too. It is in those moments when you push through hesitation by taking courageous action that you can change your life. When you take control of a challenging situation with an act of courage, you refuse to default to fear any more. In moments of hesitation, those times when feelings of doubt and fear and worry creep in, you have a critical opportunity. It is an opportunity for you to practice an act of everyday courage. Where once you needed to push yourself to overcome hesitation, you will now find it to be second nature to you to push past those barriers with courage. Are you ready to push past your feelings of doubt, fear, and worry and practice an act of everyday courage so you can live an outstanding life?

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How to get to the next level in your life?

There is one thing we can all be sure of, what got us to this level in our life will not be enough to propel us to the next level. Let me explain, every phase of our life will require a different you, a better you. You will need to change, to improve if you are going to propel yourself to where you hope to go professionally and personally. There are always small tweaks, tiny improvements, we can make that will change the way we run ourselves and our business opportunities. An excellent place to start is to establish where you are winning and making gains right now. Chances are you have already got some great habits in place. For me I'm up around 5 am nearly every morning, I put my phone away at least half an hour before I go to sleep and I use that time before I sleep to set my goals for the next day.  I'm exercising regularly and conscious of my diet. Those things, those habits, helped me to get to where I am, but I know it is not enough to take me to the next level. I need to improve. I have some good habits, but I know they're not enough. So I have found seven steps that will take me, and you, to the next level.  

1. Get consistent

Okay, I have got some good habits, and the same goes for you, but we need to practice them consistently. In my case, when I travel, get busy, or when my routine gets upset, then my good habits tend to falter.   Sure we all know life happens but the more consistent we can be with our positive practices, the more likely we are to stick with them and reach that next level. My question for you is, what good habits do have that you stick to 50 to 70% of the time? If you were more consistent with those good habits, would that propel you to the success you desire?

2. Check your cornerstone habits

Research continues to show how important diet and exercise are to our focus and emotional health. And we need both of those if we are going to step it up. We all know we should limit our alcohol intake, drink plenty of water, eat clean with lots of vegetables and get in 20 minutes of exercise each day. And I aim to do all of those as often as possible. It is a myth that you need a lot of time to get in a good workout. Even getting out of your chair every hour to do 60 seconds of jumping jacks will get your blood flowing and heart pumping and give you the boost you need.  

3. Wake up earlier.

Whatever time you wake up, getting up 15 minutes earlier is even better. As long as you get your seven hours or so of sleep, getting up 15 minutes earlier gives you that extra time for planning out your day so you can feel like a champion. Want to wake up earlier? The easiest way is to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier for tomorrow. You may curse me when it goes off and may even be tired for that day but follow your tiredness and get to bed earlier the next night. And whatever you do, don't hit the snooze button!  

4. Limit your time on social media.

Social media can be a significant drain on your time. Putting your phone far away from you to reduce the temptation to get on Facebook or whatever, will make such a difference to your productivity. When I feel really pulled in, I will turn my phone off to prevent me from scrolling mindlessly. It is incredible what I can get done in that time when I'm focused on the task. In your life set limits on how much time you devote to social media. Condense all your social media or surfing time into one block. You can also use an app like "Moment" to become more aware of your media consumption habits.

5. Be mindful to stay in the zone.

When I get restless, it is like I have ADHD. I will pour a cup of coffee and then walk away from it, leave drawers open and find myself sorting a filing cabinet when 10 minutes before I was working on a big project. It's not easy, but the more I can stay in the zone, the more likely I will be to stay focused. On those days, you will see me taking a deep breath and ask myself a question in my head.
What is really important here?
That brings me back to the moment. Even if you don't have ADHD, we all need to close in more direct our activity when you are trying to cost of extracting it supporting to be mindful where are you spending your energy.  

6. What would your idol do?

The good thing about getting to the next level is that others have done it before you. If I get to a point in my day when I get bogged down and don't feel like doing something, I remind myself that motivation is rubbish and ask myself what would Richard Branson do? Or what would Oprah do? Or Warren Buffet? Those three people are my idols in business. Once I remind myself that those three people I admire and respect have worked hard to get to where they are and did not wait to feel like doing the work before they got started, it's much easier to get moving again. Who your idols weather in business, and health, life or relationships? When you find yourself being tired when I want to do something, imagine what your idol would do.

7. Start the week with a check-in.

For many of my mentoring clients, they found that checking in every week is essential to get clarity around expectations and the projects being worked on. That consistent connection also allows everyone to feel more like a team. In business, Monday morning is the ideal time to have a check-in meeting. While most advocate autonomy starting the week on the same page is crucial. You can also have weekly check-ins not just with your business associates but with your life partner and your kids. An ideal time for these check-ins is Sunday evening as Monday mornings can be chaotic with so much going on. In your own life, at the start of the week, whether it is Sunday or Monday, check-in with yourself about where you are and what your goals are for the week. Where in your life when you benefit from a weekly check-in? Now, how will you step it up and improve to reach the next level?


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