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Hi, I am David Brett-Williams and if you ever asked yourself:

“How can I negotiate a higher salary?”
“When will my fear not stop me from taking a risk?”
“How do I pick myself up from this?”
“Why am I at the mercy of my emotions?”
“When will I start taking action and not just think about things?”
“How do I develop a better attitude?”
“Why can’t I forgive myself for my mistakes?”
“How can I keep on top of things when life is so crazy?”
“How do I persuade someone to work with me?”

Or if you’ve ever just needed a second opinion to help you decide (whether it’s something big or small)…

…Then you are in the RIGHT place!

Here’s how this website helps you get ahead in life and work….

As Dan Pink, the best-selling author said, “there’s a gap between what science knows, and what business does.”

And I am here to bridge that gap.

About David Brett Williams
“The key to making a difference to the community that I serve is the quality of relationships you develop.” – David Brett-Williams

I believe to win in today’s crowded marketplace each individual must master the most complex device ever designed, their mind. To then become the master marketers, persuaders, and salespeople needed to succeed in this competitive world.

How can you do this while raising a family…working full-time…running a business…?

You could dig through hundreds of books and thousands of academic research papers. Or you could waste time on strategies sold by the so-called “experts”…subscribe to this website (it’s free), and you’ll get PROVEN strategies and tactics from world-renowned academics, best-selling authors, and of course, me, David Brett-Williams.

And the best part? I’ll show you exactly what works and how you can start doing it for your business and your life.

I am a science nerd with a knack for breaking down business case studies, everyday human interactions, and psychological research into INSANELY PRACTICAL TIPS that you can start benefiting from TODAY.

The website is a fast-growing and thriving community of achievers who want to become more… more empowering…more productive…more successful…MORE.

The main feature is the blog. When you subscribe you will get free email updates, you will gain access to exclusive “email only” material. I treat my email subscribers the best.

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Principles that make our blog world class:

1. Actionable and well-researched content. We work tirelessly to create content that adds value. Too many settle for mediocrity, and there is no need for another mediocre blog. Set your standard at outstanding, always.

2. Noise reduction. With over 3 billion people on the internet, there’s a lot of noise out there. And you don’t need more noise. You have challenges, and you want or need answers. When we cover a topic, our goal is to make it so darn good that you don’t need to read much, if anything, else on the subject.

About David

My mission is simple yet challenging. To help you achieve your business and personal goals more efficiently and faster than you thought possible.

I have studied, researched, written and spoken for over 20 years in the fields of business, psychology, leadership, kinesiology neuroscience, and high performance.

I have consulted for dozens of companies and addressed audiences of thousands of people throughout the United Kingdom and other countries worldwide.

As I said earlier, I am a science nerd. I grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, then went to school and lived in Toronto, Waterloo and Cardiff. I now live north of London and enjoy fitness, dogs and tequila, although not at the same time.

I have woken up every day for over two decades with a firm intention to fully live and make a difference. The real story is that I am just like everyone else, I am human.

I have rough days. I have written so much garbage, shot dozens of bad videos that should never be seen, felt terrified before doing a presentation, and failed and failed on my journey.

The path of learning is forged with struggle

My story is not as important as your story. The story that matters to me is the people that I inspire to become more… more empowering…more productive…more successful…The people I help to start living an OUTSTANDING life.

These people are the goal; they are the heroes of the story.

If you are still reading this, then you are here to find out even more about me. Well, my formal introduction to self-development occurred when I was seventeen.

I was selected to play in the Canada Winter Games which at the time was a selector for the national teams that would go on to represent the country in competitions such as the Pan American Games, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.

I didn’t get to go. Ten days before the start of the Canada Games I was playing a pick-up game of basketball and jumped up to hear an odd cracking noise and then felt a wave of pain.

David Brett-Williams
“Do you know why it is hard to be happy? It’s because we refuse to let go of the things that make us sad.” – David Brett-Williams

Sometimes intuition tells you that it is terrible. Intuition made me hesitate to look at my ankle. When I did, I saw that it had ballooned over my trainer. The swelling was immediate and massive.

A broken ankle meant no Canada Games. It also meant over six months till I could resume training of any kind.

What followed was disappointment, frustration and a lot of recriminations. And I got fat. I was too young to drink legally, so my drug of choice became food. Food was used to numb the feelings.

A coach of mine reached out to me, and we talked. Over the hour or so we chatted he imparted something to me that still resonates inside my head.

“Whatever happens to you has no meaning except for the meaning you give it.”

At that age, I didn’t understand what it meant. The emotional maturity was lacking to separate an event from the meaning I attached to it. Nonetheless, it made me curious about the factors that differentiate one person’s coping skills and resiliency from another.

Start here photo
“Learn to enjoy your life. Choose to be happy now. Think how precious the time that you have to spend is, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed.” – David Brett-Williams

At that young age that was a disaster. And I knew that my hardship was insignificant compared to what many others were facing at the same time. But it was my hardship. I owned it.

Decades later that incident does not seem anywhere as ‘life-changing’ as it did then.

The change it did provide was to stimulate me to learn more about the physical, physiological and social factors that lead to individuals excelling. What do high performers do differently?

That is where my science nerd skills excel. From my extensive studies and practical experience in business, psychology, leadership, kinesiology, and neuroscience I can break the complex down into manageable steps.

This allows you to readily apply the proven strategies that high performers use to live an outstanding life. I want to make it faster and easier for you to achieve your personal and business goals. I want to offer you the skills and techniques that took me decades to learn.

Decades of learning are available right here, ready for you to explore and apply to your own life. All it takes is commitment.

My goal is to share my knowledge and help you live an outstanding life.

My aim is to add more value to your world than you thought possible. I supply simple and effective tools, that can be used immediately, to improve your health, life and business.

My mission is to uncover the unexpected, the unexplored, the underrated – in essence, the hidden gems in the world of self-development.

I help people dream bigger and back it up with daily actions to create measurable results.

Are you ready to take this journey with me?